Friday, May 31, 2013

Customized Jewelry Board

I have a confession. I stink at organizing. Don't judge-- I know. It's bad. However, usually, my jewelry and necklaces reside in a pile on my dresser where they are free to tangle and contort into a million knots. [How does that happen, anyway? I swear there must be a little elf or something that sneaks into my room at night just to tangle my jewelry. :D]

Anyway, I've been seeing these super cute jewelry boards on Pinterest lately and decided to make one. I had a lot of fun-- it was definitely one of the sweet parts of my day. Here's how I did it.


-Bulletin Board
-Acrylic Paint
-Silk Flowers
-Assorted Buttons/Jewels to Match
-Nails or Push Pins


-Hot Glue Gun
-Paint Brush

Step #1: Go Bargain Hunting

That's right. Grab your binoculars and canteen [okay, so maybe just your purse and your keys] and hit the thrift stores. I was able to find my bulletin board for only $4.00! Can I get an amen?

Step #2: Paint

This is one of my favorite steps because you don't have to worry about being neat. ;) Just pick a color and slather that paint on your cork board canvas. No need to fret about getting all the way to the edge or staying in the lines. We'll cover that up later.

 Don't you love my messy paint bottles?
Step #3: Frame is the Name

Measure the amount of ribbon you need for the short sides of the board. Trim accordingly and glue in place. (You don't need much glue-- just some on each edge and in the middle. The glue kind of makes the ribbon bubble, so be careful).

Now, measure the length of ribbon you'll need for the longer sides of the board. Make sure it's straight. Fold the outer edge of the ribbon in diagonally to form a triangle shape. Unfold and use that line as your guide to trim the corner of the ribbon off. Do this to each side of the ribbon.


This will give it an authentic, squared-off frame look. Glue it in place the same way you did the shorter ones, but don't burn yourself [not like I'm saying that from experience or anything. :D]

Take a moment to admire the fruits of your labors. Lookin' spiffy, huh? Time to cutesy it up!

Step #4: Bling it Up

Remove the plastic molding from about six silk flowers (depending on size and preference) and glue them to the corners of your frame. Add buttons, jewels, and feathers 'til your heart's content.

Step #5: There isn't one. I just feel like the amount of steps should be an odd number.

That's it! Use pushpins to attach your favorite accessories to the board and kiss disorganization goodbye for good [OK, so maybe not goodbye forever, but at least you're jewelry will be organized now ;)].

The thing I love most about this project is you can customize it to your liking and to match your home decor. I'm currently in the process of remodeling my bathroom with a yellow and grey color scheme. What do you think?

Ta ta for now, and thanks for reading!


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