Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Getting Organized: Blog Schedule

Sometimes I'm more organized than others. For example, I go bananas keeping my computer desktop free of clutter and my nightstand organized. To prove it, here is a screen shot of my computer screen. You're welcome.

See how clean it is? On the other hand, let's not discuss the condition of my closet. haha

However, I would encourage you NOT to look in my sock drawer right now. Let's just say I was in a hurry last time I put away my laundry. ;)

Despite my lack or organizational [is that a word?] talents, in order for this blog to be a success I feel I really need to get on a schedule and stick to it. So amigos, here is the plan:

I will explain each category more in their respective first posts. But for now, here's a brief explanation because I know you are all dying to know the story behind my cliche, cheesy titles. haha :D

MUSIC MONDAY: This is pretty self explanatory. I'll be reviewing different music, artists, songs, albums, etc. that have made a difference in my life, or in other words, added "sprinkles to my ice cream". Of course, all of my selections will be clean and family friendly.

TUTORIAL TUESDAY: In this post, we'll do lots of fun craft projects together. I can't wait. ;)

THRIFTY THURSDAY: Refashioning, money saving tips, clearance shopping, coupon how-to's, and all other savvy awesomeness will be found here.

FRIES ON FRIDAY: I'll explain the title of this post soon, but in short, it will involve reviews about fun and exciting things that make my life better. Examples include great movies, new nail polish, food, and whatever else is on my mind. [I'm having issues explaining this, but you'll see how cool it is on Friday ;)]

Other posts will continue to remain the same. I'll still post Quotes to Inspire, Sweet Finds, Spiritual thoughts, and random chatter.

So now you have witnessed my attempts to get organized. We'll see how it goes. I'm optimistic.

Hope y'all have a wonderful day. Don't forget to eat lots of sprinkles on your ice cream. ;)


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