Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: How to Get Craft Store Coupons

It's no secret that I love a good craft project. Pinterest makes me jump for joy and I go googly eyed at the first glimpse of the letters, "DIY".
Even though crafting can save money, it can also be very, very, very expensive. [Do you feel my pain?]
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Artists fear no more! There is hope.

Coupons: Ah, the word that seems to make most people cringe. Don't worry--they're not hard to use and your checkbook will thank you. [Wow, I sound really outdated. I mean your online banking statement will thank you. I'm not that old. ;)]

But, how do we acquire those oft coveted paper gems? Allow me to explain.

Mail: Many craft stores offer mailing list subscriptions. When you sign up [ for free], you receive a flier each month that usually includes at least one 40% coupon that you can use on an item of your choosing. I receive the Jo-Ann Fabric Store mailer and absolutely love it. Not only do you get coupons, but you also get a peek at the sales for the next month so you can plan your purchases accordingly.

Newspaper: I know, *gasp*, my family still gets the paper. What can I say? I like reading the comics and advice columns. [Okay, so that's not the only reason why we get the paper, but that's the only thing I really read in there. ;)]

Anyway, Michael's craft store usually puts out a sales flyer each Sunday that has either a 40% of 50% off coupon. They also advertise some awesome doorbusters.

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E-mail: Oh the joys of spam in your inbox. Trust me, though. This kind's worth it. Joining e-mail clubs for your local craft stores is an easy, convenient way to get coupons delivered straight to you [without all the clutter of snail mail!].

Websites: Visiting craft store's websites is well worth your time. Each week, they post new printable coupons. You can usually only use one per customer, per day, but hey- I'm not complaining about discounts.

Be careful that you only go to the official webpage for each store. There are lots of websites out there that claim to have coupons but are really frauds.

Here are the links to my favorite store's coupon pages:  Jo-Ann's  Michael's

Okay, so here's my favorite tip. Most people don't realize that craft stores usually accept each other's coupons. For example, depending on what I need to purchase, I use Jo-Ann and Hobby Lobby coupons at Michael's all the time. Stores will usually let you use one coupon from each store per transaction. Some Wal-Marts will also accept the 40% off coupons in their fabric/craft departments. Check it out in your area. It can save loads of money.

Don't be scared to break out those scissors and clip some coupons. Think of it this way: the more you save, the more awesome craft materials you can buy. ;)

Happy saving,


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