Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Beyond the Blackboard Movie Review

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I love me a good comedy, but every now and then a great, inspirational movie is exactly what I need. I like my sappy Hallmark movies to be clean, motivational, and moving. Beyond the Blackboard didn't disappoint me. 

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In this movie, Stacy, a 24 year old young mother and beginning teacher, gets her first job at a school for homeless children in Salt Lake City. However, she arrives at work only to discover it really isn't a school at all, but rather a run down warehouse with no desks, books, or teaching materials. As if that isn't bad enough, the parents of the students don't take their children's schooling seriously and are very hard to work with. Stacy is tempted to quit, but finally decides to give it one more try. 

Armed with paint, posters, and books, Stacy eventually wins her way to each student's heart. Uniting the parents together and fighting for help from district administration, Stacy not only changes a school-- she changes lives.

I didn't catch any swear words or crudeness in this movie at all, so it definitely has my stamp of approval. 

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Beyond the Blackboard had a wonderful message about acceptance and perseverance that can and will change your life for the better.  

Pop some popcorn and grab the tissues! This Hallmark movie is definitely a winner. [Just don't cry too much. ;)]


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