Friday, August 16, 2013

The Sweet Things in my Life 8/16

Hey there, everyone! How has your week been?

Can you believe it's already Friday? My stomach is doing somersaults... school starts next week for me. Last night I had a dream I was late to school on the first day and all I could get my hair to do was a crazy, eighties ponytail. I looked completely hideous. 

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Let's cross our fingers that dream doesn't come true. Cinderella was wrong. A dream is not always a wish your heart makes. If so, my heart is wishing for me to have a back to school catastrophe. haha

Anyway, despite my back to school jitters, it has been a good week. Here's what made my life sweet.


Technically this was last week, but remembering my trip to the Oregon Coast has a way of brightening my day. Plus, I really want to share some pics with you!

I fell in love with this place. I had been to California beaches before, but Oregon was a totally different experience. I never thought I'd be bundling up to go to the beach [the highs were in the low 60's. I know, I'm a desert wimp] but it was great. I can't get over how much I love the foggy mist and the pine trees! 


This is too funny not to share...

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I'm a huge photo nerd that can't stand having the same binder cover as everyone else. Last night I Photoshopped my own with one of my favorite quotes. I'm pretty happy with it. Hey, if I have to look at it all semester, it might as well be cute, right? I can't wait to break out the scrapbook supplies and finish beautifying my boring binder. [Okay, saying I can't wait is an exaggeration ..I'm still pretty much in denial of the fact that school is starting soon. Maybe if I don't get anything ready, it won't happen? ;)]


I have an unfortunate love for all things camouflage...Once upon a time there was a curly haired girl named Crazy Locks [I would say Goldy Locks but my hair isn't golden]. One day, she was perusing ebay for the perfect back to school lanyard. After strenuous hours of intense labor [just kidding] she found this one. Of course she had to buy it. It was destiny that they found each other. So, they fell in love and the lanyard lived happily ever after with her car keys in her backpack  The end. 

As simple as it is, these four things were some of the best sprinkles on my ice cream this week. But it really is those little things that make all the difference.

What's made your life sweet this week?


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