Friday, August 23, 2013

The Sweet Things in my Life

Happy Friday! Wow, this week has been a blur. Usually the first week of school goes by super slow for me [ya know...orientation, syllabuses, orientation, and more syllabuses...], but strangely enough my days have been going by super fast. I can't decide if it's a good thing or not. It's nice having school go by fast, but I'd rather my home hours drag on as slow as possible. Maybe one of you could talk to Father Time for me? Thanks.

Anyway, here are some of the things that made my life sweet this week. I'm going to keep it short and sweet this week [haha see what I did there] because unfortunately I have to go do more homework [you can cry with me if you want to].

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I love historical fiction like a bee loves it's honey [or like a metal chair loves a boot buckle if you remember this post]. I've found that in the church we have lots of great books about the handcart companies and the pioneer treks west, but hardly any focused on when the pioneers reached the valley. House on a Hill is beautifully different. Set in Logan about 20 years after the pioneers reach Utah, this book describes the construction of the Logan, Utah Temple through the eyes of Lizzy Sullivan-- a spunky young woman with a mind of her own, and her family. The book really drew me in and made the first week of school much more pleasant. It's definitely a winner. [You can buy the kindle version on Amazon here for only $1.99]


I ordered new business cards for my photography business from Vistaprint this week and they came in the mail today! I'm crazy excited! I think they turned out super cute [but I'm pretty biased because I designed them. haha].


I was pretty sure I wouldn't like this class since I had already taken other art classes before and knew the basics, but I'm actually really enjoying it. Over the years I've realized that sometimes you just need to stop and focus on the fundamentals. We talked a lot about what art means to us. To me, art [including photography] is like a two way conversation between the artist and the viewer that allows the artist to convey his/her thoughts, feelings, or ideas. However, getting my drawings to look awesome enough to describe these thoughts and feelings is a whole other story...Let's just say it will be good to get a refresher on some shading and highlighting techniques. ;)

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I just have to say it. I love potatoes. This meme describes my true feelings far better than I can.

An Ode to Potatoes:

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So that's what's up in my life. Yes, this is as exciting as it gets folks. :) But it's very sweet and wonderful nonetheless.

Keepin' it real,


P.S. I just checked and my birthday is on a Friday this year. Yes! Kaching! Hallelujah! Woot woot!

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