Monday, September 16, 2013

Home by the Piano Guys

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If you haven't heard of the Piano Guys, then you need to look them up right now. [And yes, that was an order from the all powerful Queen Sarah. You'd better listen or I will tax you with ice cream. ;)] Prepare to be amazed.

Quoting from their website:
"Our story is a miracle. We’re just a bunch of ordinary “guys” playing classically influenced instrumental music in videos that showcase incredible locations...Our mission will always be to produce music videos that inspire, uplift, and make the world a better place. If we can make a positive impact in even one person’s life it has all been worth it to us."
The Piano Guy's music has definitely had a positive influence on my life. From their covers of hit songs to spiritual hymns and folk songs, each and every song they perform is filled with power, hope, and inspiration.

I know I totally dropped the ball on this one. Most of you have probably seen this (It was released in May) but it was so awesome I just had to share it anyway.

Home by the Piano Guys is one of my favorite songs they've produced. The videography is absolutely amazing and the song is very touching.

Enjoy! [And when you get addicted to their Youtube channel, don't say I didn't warn you. ;)]


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