Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Sweet Things in My Life 9/21

How is your Saturday going? Mine is crazy, but it's wonderful all the same.

Here's a glimpse of what made my life sweet this week:


Call me crazy, but I found it extremely enjoyable to photograph cereal for an hour. I'm learning how to utilize the manual settings on my camera, so though it was tedious, it was oddly entertaining. Speaking of photography, I have another family photo shoot tonight. I can't wait!


When I saw these at the dollar store, I knew I had to have them. I'm always a sucker for crazy socks, but when I discovered these were covered in ice cream cones I knew they would definitely be coming home with me. They make me smile every time I wear them.


I made cupcakes that looked like high heels for mutual to symbolize this years theme, "Stand ye in Holy Places". It was quite the adventure [fragile cookies, exploding frosting, and me on a sugar high from eating too many broken could I resist?], but I think they turned out pretty cute.


Remember the Psychology course I was taking? Well I got my portfolio back yesterday and discovered that I earned a 99%! Not bad I say! [Cue the happy dance, confetti, fireworks, choirs of angels, enormous amounts of popcorn, singing with your pet llama, or whatever other celebratory traditions you may have. I'm as happy as a duck after a rain storm! That's pretty happy, isn't it?]

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Is it just me, or is it normal to have extreme amounts of anxiety at the salon? It's funny how I hate the way my hair looks when I need a haircut, but as soon as I walk into the beauty parlor I become extremely protective of every split end. Anyway, Brave by Sara Bareilles came on the radio, so I decided that I could be brave like the song says. I took a deep breath and allowed the nice stylist to touch my hair. I'm glad I did. It feels better now. Courage isn't just for wars and tragedies, people. Sometimes, it takes courage to get a haircut. ;)

What's made your life sweet this week?

Until next time,

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