Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Sweet Things in My Life 9/28

Sorry this post is coming so late! It's been a whirlwind of a day! [Literally and figuratively. The wind has really been blowing here lately. If you don't believe me, check out my hair. :D]

Here's a glimpse of what's made my life sweet this week:


My sweet cousins came to visit from California this week. Saying we had fun is an understatement. We jumped on the trampoline, fetched with the puppy until our arms ached, played many a board game, and feasted on hot chocolate [with sprinkles!]. Sure love my family!

By the way, just so there is no confusion here, the dog in the photo not my cousin. [Despite what Disney may say, I am not a dog with a blog;) As I said before, my cousins and I like to fetch with my puppy. That's why I'm using this picture for my description of my cousins. Not because my cousins are canines. haha

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Between flus, colds, busy schedules, [and an unfortunate lack of motivation on my part], it had been way longer than I'd like to admit since I went for a run. I finally got out this week and it felt great!


I love rain. The sound it makes as it pitter-patters on the ground will probably never get old to me. [Plus the smell before and after it rains is almost as delicious as a cake baking in the oven. [*key word = almost. Cake still trumps, but it's a close call. ;) ] Yay for fall rainstorms [and for cute rainboots] !


I learned how to make a picture become a link to another website with html coding this week. [If you click the photo above, it takes you to our homepage! Cool, huh?] Yes, it's a small triumph, but I'm still pretty proud of my accomplishment. "Ladies and gentleman, this was one small step for a not very technologically talented blogger, but a giant step for blog-kind". ;) Just kidding.



My family got a Kindle Fire last week and I finally tried out the gospel libary app last night. I am so addicted. I'm afraid I *might* have gotten a little happy with the highlighting function yesterday. Let's just say, more verses in the chapters I read are highlighted in beautiful shades of pink, yellow, and blue than I left plain. So much for having highlights stand out...Yeah, I should probably tone it down a bit. haha

So besides ice cream and the glories of not having school on the weekends [hallelujah for Saturdays!], these are the things that have made my life special. What are the sweet things in your life?


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