Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Tale of Three Stumbles

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Once upon a time, a tired looking, sleep deprived teen named Sarah went to school. After enduring many non-riveting tales of algebraic expressions and classic literature of the romantic era, a bell sounded and the peasants of her place of academic nourishment scattered into the dark, frigid air of the early dawn. [Okay, so it was 10 am, but that's pretty early in my book. ;)]

Frantically scrambling to zip her overflowing backpack, Sarah stumbled out the door and galloped quickly down the hall. [I know, people don't usually gallop. However, saying I was walking would be a lie. Perhaps limping is a better word?]

Trying to walk gracefully as she bore the weight of the books upon her back, she pictured a beautiful princess walking through a brightly colored path speckled with a plethora of wildflowers covered in morning dew. [I honestly don't remember what I was really thinking...probably something about what I wanted to eat for lunch. ]

Soon, Sarah noticed that her backpack felt a little odd.

"Oh, no! I hope I didn't leave the front pocket unzipped like I did yesterday. That was a little awkward." She thought to herself. "I should take my backpack off and check just to be sure."

So, she slid her backpack off her weary arms and frowned as she almost dropped it.

"Phew, that was close!" she thought in vain as she stumbled and clambered to catch the falling parcel.

After checking to be sure that the troublesome pocket was indeed shut, she began to embark on the ever difficult journey of donning her burdensome pack once more. But instead of thrusting it onto her back like a buff superhero as she had planned. she twitched as it fell to the ground with a thud of solemn defeat.

Not wanting to give up so easily, she tore her bag from the grabby hands of earth's gravity and finally managed to balance the pack again.

However, Sarah's day of adventure was not yet through. Having become so absorbed in the apparent strenuousness of putting a backpack on, Sarah lost her footing and fell down three steps.

Miraculously, she caught herself and transformed the clumsy happening into a sweet dance move. Just then, a representative from "So You Think You Can Dance" came walking down the hallway. He saw her amazing skills and recruited her for the show. She later won a million dollars and a trip to Europe. [Okay, so this didn't really happen. The only people who saw me were the smirking peers. I still can't figure out why they were staring at me oddly...doesn't everyone dance with their backpack between classes? ;)]

And so, with a dumb smile on her face and feeling oddly proud of herself, Sarah continued on her merry way.  She made it safely to Chemistry class without any broken bones. How this happened, she will never know, but she will forever be grateful that she didn't have to go the ER for dropping her backpack and tripping down the staircase, because that wouldn't be an exciting story at all.

The end.

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