Sunday, November 17, 2013

Thanksgiving Armor

I am so ready for Thanksgiving.

Stuffing. Turkey. Gravy. [Lots and lots of gravy. :D]  Mashed Potatoes. Cranberry Sauce. Green Bean Casserole. Ahh, my mouth is watering now. To put it in the words of Campbell's Soup, that sounds mmmm mmmm good!

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Besides having irrational early food cravings, I am also super glad for the opportunity Thanksgiving provides us with to remember the things we are grateful for.

One of the best things about being thankful is how happy it can make us. Life truly is better when we focus on the good in life instead of letting the bad things drag us down. We talk a lot about how being thankful brings joy into our lives, and for good reason. The principle that a grateful heart yields bounteous joy is undeniably true. But there's another thing that gratitude does: It protects you.

I had a little bit of time between classes at church today, so I flipped my topical guide open and looked up "Thanksgiving". After I realized how rusty I was on my ABC's [what does T come after again?], I found this phenomenal reference to D&C 46:7.

I don't know about you, but as I walk down the hallways of my school, sometimes I feel like I'm being "seduced by evil spirits" and "doctrines of devils". Even if it's not as direct as a punch to my face or a kid offering to sell me drugs or something, the temptations are still there. Values I hold dear such as dressing modestly, not swearing, staying vitreous, and even just being kind to people are attacked every day.  Even in the midst of all of that, the promise of this profound scripture shines forth like a beacon unto all. If we walk uprightly before Him and do all things with prayer and thanksgiving, then we will NOT be seduced by the doctrines of devils or commandments of men. The temptations we face will not have power over us. How cool is that?

I've shared this quote here before, but I love it so much I just had to share it again. 

What better strength for getting through the muck and scum of this life is there than the love of a merciful Father in Heaven? When we remember the things we have been blessed with and thank Him for them, we become nearer to Him and thus receive strength beyond our own.

As you grab your shield of faith and take the sword of truth this week, I challenge you to also put on the armor of gratitude! Suit up! Armor up! Go forth mighty, grateful soldiers!


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