Monday, November 11, 2013

The Lower Lights

I usually listen to pop and indie rock, but I have to admit that I'm a total sucker for a good folk song. The Lower Lights combines two of my music loves-- Hymns and the folk genre, into a completely fabulous blend of splendid indie-country awesomeness. That's a combo as wonderful as a big mac and fries if you ask me.

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So who are The Lower Lights and how did they come to exist? According to their website:
"The Lower Lights convened in fall 2009 for five days of diving into the hymns - familiar hymns, overlooked hymns, Hank Williams hymns, and more. The hope was to connect with these beautiful old songs of testimony on a deeper level, to have a new and personal experience with them. Drawing equal parts reverence and celebration from the rich mine of hymns, we ended the week with 30-plus songs that feel part-revival, part-vigil. We hope our time with the hymns can help others reconnect and have their own personal experience with these songs as well."
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By reviving hymns and giving them new life, The Lower Lights are able to create energetic, cheerful versions of songs we all know and love. Their unique sound adds a happy dimension to the beautiful tunes while increasing their spiritual feel to an even higher level.

You can learn more about The Lower Lights on this episode of The Song that Changed my Life on BYUtv. I love the explanation that they give in the show as to why they chose to portray the hymns in such an upbeat way. In our present day, we tend to sing the hymns very slowly and solemnly. Don't get me wrong-- this is all fine and good for certain things like Sacrament meeting and such. However, whey the hymns were first written, pioneers and settlers probably spend a good deal of their leisure time happily singing the beloved songs around  an open campfire. I think it is so awesome that The Lower Lights are able to portray the hymns in this authentic manner.

Here are two of my personal favorite songs they perform:

If you're ready to embrace the hymns in a whole new way, The Lower Lights is the band for you. Check it out!

Happy listening!


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