Thursday, November 21, 2013

What Makes You Beautiful?

Warning: 1D fan girls may experience stomach pain, nausea, ice cream throwing urges, and extreme dislike towards's Sarah upon reading the introduction to this post. But stay with me. I promise you won't regret it.

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A few weeks ago I was listening to "What Makes You Beautiful", and the lyrics really got me thinking.

The song starts off pretty sweet:
You're insecure,
Don't know what for,
You're turning heads when you walk through the door.
Don't need make-up,
To cover up,

Being the way that you are is enough.
That's nice and encouraging. [And, it says right there in the song that I don't have to wear make-up. Perfect excuse!]

But then the chorus happens.
You don't know you're beautiful,
That's what makes you beautiful.
Talk about misleading.

Is not knowing we're beautiful what makes us beautiful? [That is a lot of beautiful's in just a few sentences. Sorry for my lack of synonym usage.]

Don't get me wrong--I get what the song is trying to say. There is absolutely nothing beautiful about being stuck-up, prideful, or boastful. But isn't it okay for a girl to know she is beautiful and have confidence in who she is?

According to this quote from Elaine S. Dalton:

Notice the words she used. There is nothing more beautiful than a young woman who is confident. Nothing more lovely than a daughter of God who honors her divine heritage and lives a virtuous life.

One Direction Fan girls, please don't hate me or shove ice cream in my face like Mia does to Lana at the end of Princess Diaries. [Acutally, just kidding. You can totally shove ice cream in my face any time you want. Yum! :D]

I'm not trying to bash the band or the song. Honestly, I like them both. The point is, don't let the message of the song throw you off. It's bad to be rude and conceited, but it is okay to be confident in who you are. 

So what makes you beautiful? Remembering your divine nature. Knowing who you are. Being virtuous. Having confidence in yourself because you live close the Spirit. 

It's what we say in the Young Women's theme every week:

We are daughters of a Heavenly Father who loves us, and we love Him.

Knowing and believing this truth is what makes you truly beautiful.



  1. This is such a great point! I LOVE that quote! I also featured this one, which you can see at:
    Thanks for the cute print too!


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