Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Oh, Finals Week!

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Oh, finals week!

A Super Cheesy Poetic Composition by Sarah
[Sing to the tune of Oh, Christmas Tree.]

Oh, finals week, Oh, finals week!
They perils are unchanging.
Oh, finals week, Oh, finals week!
Your agonies are ranging.

Not only when the tests have come.
But studying also makes me glum.
Oh, finals week, Oh, finals week!
You make me lose large amounts of sleep.

Oh, finals week, Oh, finals week!
Such tension do you bring me.
Oh, finals week, Oh, finals week!
How do I not particularly love thee.

For every semester the study guide,
Stares at me until I cry.
Oh, finals week, Oh, finals week!
You make me want to hide. 
[Forever. In a box with an unending supply of ice cream and cartoons.]

Oh, finals week, Oh, finals week!
When you're over I feel glee.
Oh, finals week, Oh, finals week!
Your completion makes me feel justified in an ice cream spree. 
[Yes, there are too many syllables in this line, but I don't care. :D]

Just two more days until we're done.
And then we can have lots of fun.
Oh, finals week, Oh, finals week!
Thy perils are unchanging.

Thank you for enduring my awkward poetry. Hopefully your ears aren't permanently damaged from the agonies of my goofy rhymes.

As much as finals scare me and as fun as they are to joke about, it is so comforting to know that if we study hard and do our best, Heavenly Father will help us. He isn't just concerned with church-y things. He cares about every aspect of our lives. 

Did you know that the scriptures have some advice for studying for finals? I know it may seem crazy, but it really does work.

2 Nephi 32:9 reads:

I have discovered that when I say a prayer before I start to review, I am able to focus and learn much better. I have also found a lot of guidance in knowing what topics to study. Truly, when we involve the Lord in our study habits, the blessings are plentiful.

But even with this extra help, there have been many times I have struggled to remember things I worked hard to learn just because I was tired or nervous.

In these situations, I try to focus on the words of John 14:26:

As long as we have worked hard to study and learn the material in our classes, the Holy Ghost can help us remember the things we have been taught. 

Don't get me wrong-- just because you pray doesn't mean you're guaranteed to ace everything. These are just some tips that I've found improved the anxiety that I used to feel during finals week and helped me study better. You still have to work and you still have to try, and even then sometimes things won't go your way. However, the comfort of knowing you tried your very best is worth more than any grade.

Remember to get plenty of rest, drink enough water, and eat a healthy breakfast this week. [Wow, I totally sound like my Mom. Maybe I am maturing after all. :D]

May the academic odds be ever in your favor!

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  1. I've had experiences where I *dont* prepare as much or as well as I should, and my performance on the test reflects that. You're right- we still have to make an effort, and THEN He will help us.

    1. I totally learned that the hard way as well. Thanks for reading! <3



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