Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Helping Others = Helping Me

Don't worry. Though I have been oddly absent from this corner of the universe lately, I was not mysteriously eaten by alligators or monsters of any kind. [Unless homework counts as a monster, and well, then I've been chewed and spit out a thousand times over. :p]

The topic of discussion I picked for today will probably make me sound like a broken record. I talk about this all the time, but it's because it's true, so bear with me.

Honestly, the last few weeks I've been attending a not-so-fun-super-lame pity party for myself. [When I say lame, I mean lame. There wasn't even cake.]

This was pretty much my mental dialogue. [Warning! Don't try this at home!]

"Woe is me! I've had so much homework lately. Math equations coming out of my ears. Laundry to fold. Nobody to eat lunch with. No clean socks. Fog in the morning....whine, whine, whine." [And get this: we were out of ice cream. Pure blasphemy, right there.]

Thankfully, Heavenly Father found a way to break through my self-inflicted cloud of drudgery. One night while I was getting ready for bed, I felt a soft, sweet prompting from the Holy Ghost. I needed to stop thinking so much about myself, and start thinking about others.

Let me tell you, folks it has made all the difference. Just little things like holding open a door for somebody with an armload of nachos at school [those nachos looked too good to drop], sharing a granola bar with someone who forgot their lunch, doing the dishes, talking to a new girl at church, and giving a girl a ride home from a meeting were some things that ended up totally brightening my life. I know they sound really small, but the reason they worked wasn't because of their magnitude or importance. The difference was I stopped thinking about my own problems and started actively searching for opportunities to serve.

Don't get me wrong. I am not trying to toot my own horn or glorify myself in any way. I am not perfect by any means. This lesson just made such a difference in my life that I couldn't help but share it.

If the going gets tough, the sun isn't shining, and you're caught with the homework-laden <insert applicable trial to your life here> blues, I challenge you to look beyond your own insecurities and reach out to those around you. Start small. Truly, little acts make all the difference.

Blog to you soon!



  1. I have a particular friend who I pretty much see as the queen of service. She is constantly serving others. And she always comes back with tales of how much serving others helps her. I've been trying to follow in her footsteps, and it's totally true! When I make other people happy, it brings me SO much happiness!

    So yeah, I just love this post. Kay? Okay. <3

  2. I feel ya. I've currently been absent from my blog due to end of semester struggles as well. This is a good reminder to be happy! Thanks!


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