Friday, February 21, 2014

Get Back Up

I'll admit, I'm not much of a sporty person. #noeyehandcoordination #almostfailed6thgradePE

Even as uncoordinated as I am, the Olympics never fail to draw me in like a bee to the honey. There is something so pure about the channeled talent and athleticism displayed each season that never ceases to amaze my clumsy soul.

Asking me to choose a favorite Olympic event is almost like asking me to choose a favorite ice cream flavor. I just can't. They're all too good. However, I can never seem to get enough of the figure skating. Its combinations of music, dancing, and sheer drama create a delicious blend of creative grace that is simply irresistible. To think that entire careers hinge on single performances! With each skater, I find myself barely breathing, hoping and praying they will land their jumps and nail their spins. But as I'm sure you know, this can't always be the case.

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I'm sure I cannot even begin to comprehend the physical, mental, and emotional pain these athletes must have felt as their dreams seemed to come crashing down on the ice beneath their feet. Just one mistake, one fraction of a point, one wrong move could be the difference between gold and going home empty handed. But do you know what shocked me?

No matter how hard the fall or how disappointed they were, each one got back up every. single. time.

I think that's a pretty awesome metaphor for life. 

Just like the figure skaters had everything on the line as they glided across Olympic ice, each of us has a great deal at stake as we embark on this mortal journey. This life is a test, and the choices we make are integral to our salvation. 

In the same way that each movement the skater's made impacted their score, our choices determine our destiny. From small choices to large decisions, the way we choose to use our agency is paramount. Every day we must choose whether or not we will stay on the Lord's side of the line. Thankfully, just like the skaters were trained and taught, we are armed with the gift of the Holy Ghost and the teachings of the gospel to help us "land our jumps" so to speak, and to live in a way that is pleasing to Heavenly Father.

But the journey was never intended to be easy. 

There are times that we will fall. Times that we will stumble. Times that despite our very best efforts, we just won't measure up. 

That's why we have a coach.

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Our Savior, Jesus Christ is with us every step of the way. He will catch us when we fall. He will give us strength to be strong. He is the hope that gives us a reason to get back up and try again.

The figure skaters in the Olympics only got one chance to show the judges what they were made of. If they fell, they fell, and that was that. Thankfully, because of the atonement of Christ, every mistake we make can be erased. If we turn to Him with a broken heart and a contrite spirit and repent of our sins, our slate can be wiped clean. Our figurative score can be made perfect once more. Through His saving grace, even when we fall, we can be made whole.

In the Olympics, there is only one gold medal winner. But in life, because our Heavenly Father loves each of His children, everyone has equal opportunity earn a better prize than a gold medal will ever be. Every one of us can return to live with God someday; but we can't do it alone. To put it in sport's terms, we need our coach. We need our Savior. With Him by our side, we can always try again. 

 ♥ Sarah


  1. I love your analogy!! So true- I was a gymnast for 13 years (never competed but that's another story), and I fell plenty of times. But you can never improve if you never get up and "try, try again" :)

    And also, I loved watching the Ladies' free skate. And it made me super happy to see Adelina Sotnikova win. Not just cuz she wasn't expected to win, but cuz I'm cheering for ALL the Russians :) it's so exciting for them to win gold in the Olympics in Russia!

    <3 Marie-Rose

    1. Thanks, Marie-Rose! Yes, it is totally awesome that a Russian got to win gold. I'm sure it's awesome to win when your country is hosting. Very cool!

  2. Thank you for writing this. It was exactly what I needed. You rock my socks. :)


  3. This totally made my day. Sometimes I feel so bad about mistakes that I have made. But knowing that I am able to be forgiven makes me feel so much better.
    Your blog is seriously awesome. I've been reading it for a while just never posted any comments. I just started a blog if you want to look. It's a work in progress. But.

    1. Thank you so much, Mikayla! It means so much to me that something I wrote made a difference to someone else. <3 I just checked out your blog. It's awesome! Thank you for leaving me a link! :)


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