Sunday, June 15, 2014


Hey folks!

I honestly thought summer would be less crazy than the school year, but between the ACT, college tours, church callings, camp, and home reconstruction, I am stretched as thin as a spaghetti noodle on a diet right now. The good news is, this is the last week of intense craziness. Then, I shall finally be able to return to the regular blogging schedule of yesteryear in all it's tutorial-laden glory. [knock on wood...] Aaahhh, it will be wonderful. I can't wait.

Despite my lack of time, I'm still itching to write. To get me though until the waves of business cease, have you seen those "Currently" posts that have been popping up all over the blogging world lately? I know I'm super late hopping on the it's already 100 miles from the station and quickly on its way to not-trending-anymore-ville, but I just can't help myself. I want to try one. So here goes.

Currently, I am....

Listening to: The soft hum of the new air conditioner. I know, you were expecting to read about some awesome new song or something, but when your furnace has been out for a few weeks while a replacement was being shipped in, the sound of cool, soothing, flowing air is a gorgeous thing. But if you're still wanting to hear some amazing music, this cover of Happy by Pharrell Williams by BYU Vocal Point makes me....well...happy. :D

Eating: Well, that's a no brainer-- obviously ice cream. On that note, do you want to know what unicorns eat? I'm no mythical animal expert, but I'm pretty sure it's vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate syrup and loaded with fresh strawberries and almonds. That combination is simply magical.

Dreaming: About college. There are so many decisions, I'm not sure if it's a good dream or a nightmare...but I'm pretty sure it's going to be awesome. I'm so thankful for the opportunities for education that are available to us here in America. Even though the decisions are overwhelming, it is such a privilege to be able to choose for myself what college to attend and which profession to pursue.

Watching: Studio C! Did you see this sketch last week? So funny!

Wearing: Sweat pants and a messy bun. It doesn't get much more glamorous than that, people.

Wishing: That weekends lasted longer and that I had a life long supply of strawberry banana smoothies. Also that I went to the same High School as Napolean Dynamite. We would be friends. It would be awesome.

Feeling: Sleepy. I'd better go to bed before I write anything else...this post just keeps getting weirder.

Sleep well, my friends!


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

How to Make Text Look Like Gold in Photoshop CS5

Hello there lovlies!

It has been far too long since we did something Photoshoppy in this corner of the blogosphere. [Is Photoshoppy a word? It is now.]

Gold and glitter seem to be all the rage in the graphics world right now, so here is a quick tutorial I made that will help you quickly transform your text [or shapes, etc.] from blah, to metallic magnificence.



A Fresh Start


Monday, June 2, 2014

Music Monday: Carry On by Olivia Holt

Oh, the internet. Sometimes it makes me laugh. Sometimes it makes me cry. Sometimes it has me shaking my head in wonder at the crazy trends that circulate through it ever so quickly.

Amid the swirling sea of dynamically changing Willy Wonka, Harlem Shake, and Frozen parody sensations, a series of infamous signs has successfully invaded the blogger/pinterest/internet world for several years now. From the classic red and crowned version to the many variations relating to knitting, Netflix, panic attacks, and any other coping method that can be imagined, the message of "keeping calm" and "carrying on" has seemed to resonate with many people. Why? I think it has something to do with the fact that everybody has to go through hard things.

In Olivia Holt's words:

There's always gonna be some canyon in the way.
There's always gonna be a river I cannot cross.
Somewhere along this path that's chosen me
I know I'm gonna fall down, feel lost, feel weak.

All of us-- young, young at heart, ice cream lovers, ice cream haters [do such people really exist?], members of the church, those who have yet to find the truth or who have wandered from it-- every single person in the entire world is bound to have trials. It's how we learn, grow, and become more like our Father in Heaven. However, the fact that adversity is prevalent and necessary doesn't make the hard times fun or easy.

What must we do in these times of trouble? I'll let the little red poster answer that for you. 

How do we "keep calm and carry on" or as Mormon lingo would put it, endure to the end?

2 Nephi 31:20 explains it very eloquently.

I love how that scripture puts it. When hard times come, we are to "press forward", "feast upon the words of Christ", pray, find the direction of God, and keep going no matter how hard it may get.

Ready for the music tie in? Carry On by Olivia Holt has been on my playlist for a month or so now and I'm completely smitten. I know that this isn't how she intended the song to be interpreted, but I like to imagine that the words of the chorus are being spoken by our Savior, Jesus Christ.

No one said this would ever be easy, my love!
But I will be by your side when the impossible rises up.
We will travel this life well-worn,
No matter the cost, no matter how long.
We will leave our footprints behind
And carry on.

No matter what hills, valleys, shadows, or thorns may lie in our path, we can always find strength in the hope of our Savior to "keep calm and carry on".

Who knew that tiny little red sign had such a big message?


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