Monday, December 29, 2014

Music Monday: Tiffany Alvord

Ha. After my freeing post regarding, and I quote, "throwing the blogging schedule to the wind", here I am following it. Ironic, I know, but today's spotlight music artist is so cool you'll probably forgive me.

You know those songs that make you say "Omgoodness this is my Jam! I love the beat, rhythm, sound, and 97.85% of the lyrics, but not that one part that makes me blush as bright as Rudolph's nose and want to hide under my For the Strength of Youth Pamphlet"?

I have many of those songs. But alas, dear friends, I have found a solution!

In addition to combing her gorgeous voice with great music arrangements and stunning videography, many of Tiffany Alvord's videos save me and thousands of other Youtubers from the 2.15% of lyrics in popular songs that just aren't up to par with LDS standards. (Yes I just had to use a calculator to subtract my random made-up percentage from 100. #my brain is too tired to math #finals were brutal) 

You've probably seen her song covers and original pieces around the internet, but in case you haven't, here are some of my favorites.

Note: You may spend the next 3.74 (Great. There I go with weird numbers again) hours on Youtube rocking out to amazing songs and soaking in the awesomeness instead of being productive. You have been warned.

1. All About That Bass Cover

I love Alvord's version of All About That Bass because it has the fun beat of Trainor's original while replacing the questionable phrases and swear words with a message about real beauty. Plus, Alvord's witty take on bass (think baseball base, bass instruments, and bass fish) can't be beat.

2. Titanium Cover

I don't think there were any blush-inducing lyrics in the original, but I just couldn't help include this cover in my list of faves. While Alvord strays a bit from the fierce feel of the ballad and goes for a more heartfelt approach, she conveys the emotion of this piece very eloquently.

3. Magic

This is one of Alvord's original songs. I really like the theme she used. What's not to love about magic? That mixed with such a great beat makes for a catchy song that I may or may not get stuck in my head on a daily basis. But I'm not even mad. It's a cool song.

4. We are Never Ever Getting Back Together Cover

I just can't do a post about music covers without including some Taylor. This cover is the bomb. And it makes me want to play my guitar by a swimming pool.

5. Out of the Woods Cover

I know, more Taylor. I just can't help it. This cover of Out of the Woods is simply enchanting. It has a much softer feel than the original song, but I love it. And the videography? Amazing. 

So there you have it, folks. Productivity = temporarily destroyed, but at least you'll have great music to dance to, right?

Happy Listening!

Friday, December 26, 2014

And She Returns

Note: This post has nothing to do with butterflies, I just felt like a picture would make it look nicer.
You're Welcome.

I am a lame blogger.

What kind of writer just drops off the face of the technological planet for over five months without any sort of explanation, cliche goodbye post, or Pinterest pin?

Me, apparently.

I wish I could write about some amazing excuse keeping me busy like hiking up Mount Everest, finding out I was half super hero and learning how to channel my powers (hey, maybe my specialty could be invisibility and disappearing? haha), or skydiving with Taylor Swift (that would be scary...especially if we fell and ended up lying on the cold hard ground...see what I did there?), but the truth is, I have been wrapped up in a swirling chaos of computer crashes, homework, doctors appointments, and chores mixed with smiles, laughter, and of course bowls of ice cream. In other words, life is what has kept me away. And I'm sorry.

You see, it's more then that. I kind of scared myself out of writing this summer. This little blog kept getting more and more views and I was like holy blogging Batman, people actually read what I write! Ordinarily, this is a most excellent predicament for a writer to be in, but this chicken soul was, well too chicken, to handle it and got caught in a perfection trap so deep that not writing at all seemed better than messing up.

Am I talking about myself in third person? This just got weird...

Anyway, try as I might, I can't stay away. I'm back, and I promise I won't be a chicken any more (unless I am doing the chicken dance in which case I reserve the right to flap my wings and cluck for all the world to see).

With a new year and a new beginning for this blog, there are going to be a few changes around here. I will still be writing about church, my favorite things, books, and Photoshop, but my scattered mind just can't handle a blogging schedule any more. The thing I have loved most about writing this blog (besides meeting amazing people) is the way I can say what I want to say and let the words fall out (why am I diving in to song lyrics again? Somebody save me from this madness! :P). I want to do that a little bit more, so I'm throwing the schedule to the wind (not that I ever followed it that well anyway <coughs nervously>).

Since it's the new year, a post of goals is basically obligatory, so here y'all are.

1. I am going to write authentically. Straight from the heart. Even if that means there are lots of chicken jokes and song lyrics. (Sorry in advance...) ;)

2. Consistency. I don't want to disappear any more. My goal is to post at least 3 times a week.

3. More sweet. As always, I want this little corner of cyberspace to be a place where people can come and remember the little things that make life special. You know the #sharegoodness thing that is going around the LDS social media community? I want this to be a place where goodness is shared.

4. Eat more ice cream. This has absolutely nothing to do with actually writing (unless you are willing to count it as research for my title and theme) but it seems like a good goal.

Fare well for now, my dear blogging friends. Thank you for understanding and hopefully not hating me for hiding under a bushel and being more chicken then the fried stuff we eat on fast food sandwiches (is that even chicken?).

Happy New Year (well, almost) !
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