Friday, February 27, 2015

Awkward & Awesome

So you know that giant link-up party that happens on Thursdays where people share what was awkward and awesome about their weeks? Well, I don't normally do things like this, but my life has been so full of awkward and awesome happenings lately that I just can't help but write one. Yes, I'm aware that it is Friday <insert enthusiastic fist pump here>, but a little rebellion as far as schedules go never hurt anyone, right? ;)

So let's get to it, shall we?

Waking up after your alarm clock has been beeping for thirty minutes straight. How I can sleep through that obnoxious ringing and still manage wake up to even the slightest hint of bacon-cooking-sounds, I have yet to discover.

Fighting (nicely) for a place in the buffet line because you need mashed potatoes. Desperately.

Waiting for college admission letters to arrive and checking your email 5342 times a day in hopes that news will suddenly appear. 

Overhearing someone else's conversation and laughing at the funny parts without meaning to.

Accidentally falling asleep while typing an essay (sitting up, I might add). 

Realizing you went through most of class with your bangs flipped backwards like the 80's was trying to resurrect itself through your involuntarily wind-blown hair-do.

Eating french fries underneath a display table because you're crazy hungry but don't have time to go to the break room before your next presentation.

The fact that the crocuses are already blooming. Yay for spring (sorry East Coast peeps) !

Getting an A+ on your CP English paper. From the teacher who rarely gives A's. (I must enjoy this moment while it lasts. . . haha)

Finding a hairstyle that works. After reading this post on Wake Up for Makeup, I decided to see if my hair was long enough to do a sock bun, and it was! Then, I remembered seeing something forever ago about sock bun curls. Having my hair done with minimal effort is something I'm totally in support of. Long story short, I found this overnight curl tutorial on YouTube, mashed it up with the first tutorial, and was shocked at how well they both worked on my hair. Having a quick up-do in my hair repertoire and being able to wake up to curls without having to do anything this week has been so nice!

Getting a Valentine in the mail from your cousin with special needs. I've always admired the way he is so adept at brightening others' days. (It was a necklace made from a paper heart. You could say it melted my heart. . . pun not intended. . .)

Chocolate frozen yogurt. (Need I say more?)

Getting called as assistant Ward Organist. (I will admit I almost put this in the 'awkward' section, but I really do feel this experience, while totally scary, will help me grow in my musical abilities. And I'm pretty sure that will lead to awesome things in the long run.)

Remembering to do laundry before you're completely out of clean socks.

Having such great readers who listen to my ramblings and share such amazing thoughts! Thank you all for sharing goodness and inspiring me to do the same!

Happy Friday!


  1. These posts are awesome! I might have to steal the idea and do one soon...;) I don't know if anyone ever reads what I respond to comments, but I wanted to let you know your comment on my book thief post totally made my day! I was slightly worried I might make some people bored/ freak them out with my literary nerdiness:) Haha!

    1. Thank you, Shelby! And I loved your book review! I'm pretty sure there is no such thing as too much literary nerdiness. ;)

      Thanks for reading!



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