Sunday, February 8, 2015


Well, one of my goals was to post more, but then a few giant word monsters named "ethnographic research" and "annotated bibliography" came and ate up all my post ideas (and my brain).

The good news is, my other goal was to post more authentically, so here goes a ten minute dump of what is in my head right now (this could be scary). 

I've been thinking a lot about this quote lately:

I have seen His hand so many times in my life recently. Even when things are crazy and it seems like getting things to work out is as impossible as nailing pudding to a wall (I know the catch-phrase typically includes Jell-O, but I feel like Jell-O would be too easy for this analogy...), when we are armed with God's power, everything has a way of coming together. On our own, we're toast, but with Him, we're more like a cinnamon roll with extra cream cheese frosting. (Did I just compare grace to desserts? I must be hungry.) 

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Speaking of food, I just can't get enough Snickerdoodle ice cream lately. I know cinnamon and ice cream seems like a strange combination, but it's pretty much heaven on a spoon. I hope we get to eat it in the Celestial Kingdom.

This pin totally describes my feelings about math homework this week:

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While we're talking about funny pins, I have to say this pick-up line has to be one of the very best ever written.

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And with that, I'll sign off with a little teaser about the Valentine's Day posts that are to come. Stay tuned for some not-so-mushy goodness. (And probably some good awkward moment stories, because that's how my life works. :P Aaaah, the joys of Valentine's Day week. #killmenow #notreally #ineedtosurviveforthehalfpricecandysales)


  1. Love that quote by Elder Bednar - so true. He was president of BYU-I/Ricks when I attended there. As a fun coincidence, I used to save up my leftover meal plan money to buy Ben & Jerry's my freshman year. Loved it! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I would love if you linked up a post each week!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Tara! And oh my goodness, you are a girl after my own heart. Yay for Ben & Jerry's! haha :) Thank you for hosting the link-up! It's always great to meet fellow LDS bloggers.



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