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My Favorite Modest & Affordable Swimsuits of 2015

For some reason, every year at about mid-February I start itching for the beach. Yes, it's completely unrealistic since the only ocean I live close to is the sea of mid-term assignments my nerdy self is currently drowning in, but a girl can dream, right? (Plus, there are only like 76 days before school gets out . . . not that I'm counting or anything.) 

Since I can't actually go to the beach any time soon, I'm living vicariously through swimsuit shopping. Normally, I wouldn't consider hunting for swimwear a relaxing experience, but this year there are tons of great modest swimsuits to choose from at fabulous prices! 

Are you ready to dive in? (Yes, I went there. Just go with the flow of my pointless puns. Too many ocean jokes? Too bad. I'm not shore I can stop . . . haha)

This store is basically the It has tons of great modest swimsuits that are cute and stylish without crossing the line to revealing. And the best part? They are all really great prices! (Plus they're also having an extra clearance sale right now!) 

While they only have storefronts in Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and Canada, their website has a great fitting guide, $5 flat shipping, and a top-notch return policy.

Here are a few of their suits that I've been eyeing:

Tied-Bust Parrots Tankini Top
Currently $22.50
Bow Pineapple Tankini Top
Currently $27.30

Another product they're offering that I'm totally thrilled about is their bralette. I know you're probably thinking, "Yo, Sarah you're supposed to be showing us modest swimsuits, not bikinis", but stay with me here. Basically, the bralette is a mini layering cami that you can wear under your swimsuit to provide extra support and coverage. There are so many swimsuits that I've put back over the years because they were a little too low-cut. This extra layer will totally fix that problemo. You could say my dreams have come true.

Bralette Sunlight
Currently $15.30
2. Kohl's

It's not often you can just waltz into a regular department store and find a swimsuit that complies with the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet, but Kohl's totally surprised me this year. They have tons of adorable choices, and with their $10 Kohl's Cash for every $50 spent promo, you're sure to score a great deal.

Upstream Ruffled Tankini Top
Currently $40.60
Croft & Borrow Fit 
For You Tankini Top
Currently $28.00
So Printed Bandeaukini Top
Currently $22.40

Even Wally World really came through this year! I love the retro look of these suits:

Suddenly Slim by Catalina Women's
Slimming Shirred Halter One-Piece

Currently $32.96

As per usual, the folks at DownEast have released a gorgeous line of swimwear, and from my experience, their suits wear like iron. I've had one of their tankinis for two years and I'm looking forward to wearing it again this summer! Even if there isn't a storefront near you, they have free shipping sales quite frequently and their return policy is fab (but their suits are so great you most likely won't even have to use it, and that's coming from me -- the queen of picky). 

                    Coastal Breeze Halter
                            Currently $39.99  
Lounge About Bandeau High Tide
Currently $39.99 

One thing I love about Maurices is that they cater to ladies of all shapes and sizes. No matter what kind of gorgeous figure you rock, the odds are high that they will have something for you. And can I just say that I love the colors they chose this season? To die for. (But I need to live so I can go swimming. <commences calming yoga breaths>)

     Peacock tiered Plus Size Tankini Swim Top                                          Stripe and Dot Print Plus Size Tankini Swim Top
                           Currently $44.00                                                                                                   Currently $44.00

Peacock Crisscross Halter Swim Top
Currently $39.00

Multicolor Ethnic Print Swim Top
Currently $29.00

6. JCPenney

I have to admit that JCPenney is one of my frequent go-to stores. Thankfully, their swim line does not disappoint. They have some killer coupons, here, too. $10 off $25, anyone? 

Delta Burke Shirred Floral Tankini Top
Currently $35.00
                   Arizona Corsetkini Swim Top - Juniors
               Currently $17.99
                                      Arizona Side Shirred Bandeaukini
                                         Currently $28.00


7. Target

Seriously, what's not to love about Target? (Answer = Nothing.) There's the popcorn, the cute doggy logo, the Dollar Spots, and, lucky for us, tons of cute swimwear! (I could go on about its virtues, but I'm starting to get concerned about the depth of my relationship with this store. I should probably seek some more human friends . . . jk) 

Hop on over and try on their suits, or if you're like me and need to avoid the temptation of buying everything in sight, you can have them mail your swimsuit to your house without feeling guilty since they just started doing free shipping on orders over $25.

              One Shoulder Solid One                            Crochet One Piece Swimsuit - Mossimo          Tankini Racerback C9 by Champion
             Piece Swimsuit - Clean Water                                          Currently $39.99                                               Currently $22.99
                         Currently $39.99 

8. Amazon

I think they should call Amazon "Simba", because if it were a lion, it would totally be King of the Jungle, (er, savannah, or whatever the proper scientific term is). Check out these cute suits:

Cocoship 50s Retro Vintage Flora Print White
Polka One PieceSwimwear Monokini (FBA)

Currently $23.99
Lady's Push Up Bandeau Tankini
Two Pieces Swimsuit

Currently $24.99

Another thing Amazon carries are board shorts. I know, fashion gurus everywhere might pass out at the site of my obsession, but I'm a total tom-boy at heart and love having pockets in my swimsuit (so I can carry my keys and money and avoid renting a locker, hence leaving more dinero available for ice cream purchases). 

I also love the extra coverage the shorts provide. After all, who wants to get their legs all scratched up on the lake or get a million splinters in their knees from the canoe oars? Not this girl.

Above: Kanu Suft Women's Breeze Board Shorts
Currently $19.00

Right: Volcom Women's Simply Solid
11 Inch Board Shorts

Currently $35.16

Where do you shop for swimsuits? I'm always on the hunt for more sources of modest swimwear (and excuses to think about the beach instead of homework).

May your dreams be filled with sandy beaches and crystal waters (too cheesy?),


  1. These are all so cute! I will totally be looking back at this post when I go swimsuit shopping! Thanks for all this awesomeness!:)

    1. Thank you for reading! <3


  2. Love this list!! I might be referring to it soon.. I need a new post-baby swim suit for this summer!!! <3 -

    1. I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for reading!

      <3 Sarah

    2. Of course! Love your blog! <3 <3

  3. Lovely and beautiful swimwear. Modest swimwear are best to those who are conservative type. Visit Swimsuits Direct for more styles and swimming attire.

    1. Thanks for reading, Swimsuits Direct! Your website has some great options!

  4. I had such a hard time finding a modest swimsuit (really, finding anything between a bikini and a full-body wetsuit) a few years back. I ended up ordering one on eBay directly from China! Phillip and I still laugh about it because I'm a petite person, but the sizing on the suit was "Asian plus size."

    1. Haha isn't foreign sizing great? :P Finding modest swimsuits can be such a challenge! Thanks so much for reading!



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