Friday, February 13, 2015

What Mormon Guys Wish Mormon Girls Knew (And Vice Versa)

Parents, leaders, and teachers are wonderful. We have them to thank for great advice, venting sessions, hilarious stories, eighties music, and chore charts. Also food. Food is important, especially if you lack cooking abilities as I do.

However, as fabulous as their advice can be, sometimes it helps to have another point of view.

<Insert news lady voice here.>

This is Sarah K. reporting live from Studio Sprinkles. Over the course of the past few weeks, I have scoured LDS Youth communities on Facebook and Google+ and asked members what they would like those of the opposite gender to know. Here's what they said:

(Thanks for letting me pretend I'm a cool newscaster. That was fun.)

"You are all lovely young women and you should never forget." - Mason

"You Girls are amazing and Beautiful!" - A. M.

"Girls, always know you have value. It doesn't matter if you're the most talented, the most beautiful, the best dressed, etc. All that matters is how you view yourself. How you view yourself will determine how you view the world. So, that being said, value yourself and always know that you're beautiful." - Merlin

"Guys appreciate the effort of a girl trying too. Ask one of us out or give us a valentine!" - Chance

"Girls, Even if you are alone on the 14th, just remember that you are always loved by somebody. You are beautiful in God's eyes." - Thomas

Now, for the second part. The girls had much more to say. (No surprise there. haha) Listen up, boys!

"It's okay to be a dorky nerd and please, please, please, ask many girls out on dates, you don't even need to be interested in them, but it will help lift their spirits and help them feel beautiful, and it will help you with socializing before you serve a mission and it will help you build more friendships." - Margaret

"... be the guy you'd want your daughter to be with." - Becca

"We appreciate guys who can get pass the looks and really get to know us 
to see what's on the inside." - Katelynn

"It's okay to be sweet and sentimental. You guys don't need to act all cool and tough all the time. Show your feelings. And be you!" - Isabelle

"Young men, you are all amazing, and so full of potential. Don't let your mistakes and imperfections hold you back. The Atonement is real! Strive to be a righteous priesthood holder, a servant of the Lord. (There isn't anything more attractive than that to us ladies!) Treat girls, and women with respect, and love. Tell us girls we're beautiful sometimes. We need it. :) Above all else, don't ever forget that you literally can become a god someday, if you live worthily. Make your Heavenly Father proud!" - Jenny

"... it's really sweet when guys give small compliments to girls and when they have good manners! And when guys have a huge testimony of the gospel and love serving ... those people are amazing!" - Clarissa

"Respect is key." - Eden

"... girls it's not wrong to talk to a boy or sit next to a boy. We are all brothers and sisters and we should all get along as friends." - Emily (mmmkay so technically this one was directed to the ladies, but I think it totally applies to all. You with me?)

"It is important to be respectful of young ladies, and a little note for young ladies, it is also important to be respectful of young men and the sacred priesthood they hold." - Alyssa

"Sometimes it just takes the right person to look at you and can see who you really are. Be yourself so that person can find you. Friendship is more important than relationships at our age. Open your mind wide and pray for guidance when you need it. Patriarchal blessings can also help." - Piper

So, ladies and gents, there you have it. This has been a news report straight from the battlefront of Valentine's awkwardness. Thank you for tuning in ... er ... reading. (Too much news lady?)

Wishing you the Happiest of Valentine's Days (and lots of chocolate) !


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you for reading and for sharing! I loved your comments on Google+!


  2. What great insights from those young people. I read them to a son who is struggling right now and they were just what he needed to hear.
    Also, thanks for stopping by my blogs and commenting. I hope you enjoy the chili.

    1. I'm so glad they helped! Thank you for reading! And I will definitely enjoy that chili. ;)


  3. This is awesome! Such great advice! I love the pictures you put throughout, they look amazing and super professional:)

    1. Thank you, Shelby! <3 I had a lot of fun making the graphics for this post.


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