Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My Favorite Modest Formal Dresses for $200 Or Less

I just got home from seeing the new Cinderella movie. You could say I'm enchanted.

Enchanted by the adorable mice. Enchanted by Cinderella's undying courage and kindness. And I must admit I'm quite enchanted with all the beautiful dresses (except for the corset part. I rather enjoy being able to convert oxygen to carbon dioxide without experiencing horrific pain).

Image Source
Finding modest formals can be quite a challenge (sometimes I feel like I need a fairy godmother), but living our standards is so, so worth it. I love this quote from President Monson:

There's still one problemo though. Have you noticed that modest dresses can be over $500? Ain't no body got time money for that.

Don't you worry girl -- I've got your back. I've been cruising Pinterest and the interwebs in search of formals that will make you the belle of the ball without breaking the bank too badly. (How's that for alliteration? Did you see that, Mr. Grumpy English Teacher?)

Let's get right to it, shall we?

Janalee - Currently $199 
Skylar - Currently $199


Originally over $300, these gorgeous gowns are now on sale for just $199!

Isn't the cut of the Skylar dreamy? I must say that its tulle skirt has me wanting to watch every Audrey Hepburn movie ever made. (My Fair Lady, anyone?)

The color of the purple Janalee is also breathtaking! I love the subtle high-low cut (it lets you show off your shoes!) and the ruffles add just enough glam to bring back those Disney-princess ballgown memories without interfering with the dress' mermaid silhouette.

The Zoey Gown - Currently $145
The Channel Gown - Currently $110  

These dresses from Great Lengths Clothing are definitely stunners, and their prices cannot be beat. I love the flowiness of the pale blue one! It reminds me of Princess Buttercup from The Princess Bride. Aren't the bold colors of the Zoey gowns fabulous, too? That coral shade is so elegant (and pleated skirts are all the rage this year).

P807 - Currently $199
BR1146 - Currently $189
First off, with its gathered neck line and belted waistline, the flaming red BR1146 embodies sophistication without being too plain.

The ruched waist and delicate beading on P807 also has me swooning. I think it calls for a close-up.

Image Source
I'm loving all the gathers in the skirt, too! This dress also comes in two other colors that aren't pictured -- coral and olive green.

Alex Evenings Printed Cap Sleeve
Gown - Currently $156.75
Alex Evenings Sequined Lace Gown
Currently $169
Jkara Tie-Side Wrap Dress
Currently $103.25
Jessica Howard Floral Embellished
Lace-Bodice Gown Currently $160


Dillard's absolutely killed it in the prom department this year, and their prices are fantastic! Aren't those black and white's classy and chic? And I can't get over the elegance of the pastels, lace, and bows! 

Breathtaking Belle Dress in Ivory - Currently $119.99
Lasting Laurels Dress - Currently $46.99


ModCloth is my go-to source for vintage looking styles. Who says formals have to be long? I think that shorter dress would be perfect for almost any dance. Planning on attending a 1920's themed event? That sleek black dress is very Downton Abbey/Great Gatsby-esque, don't you think?

Nutcracker Dress Blue - Currently $106
Alice Dress Black - Currently $95


While we're on the topic of vintage-inspired fashion, let's talk about Shabby Apple for a second. In addition to their amazing selection of more casual Sunday dresses, they also carry dressy formals like the two cute choices above. How great are those 3/4 length sleeves on the Nutcracker Dress? And the lace scallops on the hem of the Alice are perfection.

     Nightmoves Ruffled Prom Gown - Currently $200                                      Mystique - Currently $200
Bonny Ruffled Neckline Modest Gown - Currently $120


I can't get over the amazing deals Raffinata has available! Right now these three beauties are $75-$150 off! They have lots more on their website, too . . . I just couldn't fit them all here. Isn't that bold purple strinking? I love the jeweled accent! The soft pink ruffles of the Mystique are so delicate and I absolutely love the collar on the Bonny!

Rose Modest Prom Dress - Currently $125
Katniss Red Modest Prom Dress - Currently $185
Bailey Sequin Modest Prom Dress - Currently $130
Alicia Sequin & Chiffon Modest Prom Dress - Currently $175

8. Virtuous Prom

If you're a little nervous about finding a good fit without trying your dress on before hand, this is the site for you. All dresses are custom made to your measurements! When I saw that, I figured their prices would be through the roof, but Virtuous Prom is surprisingly affordable. Another thing I'm loving is that you can choose your own color! (Hello sage green dress of my dreams that I can't find anywhere!)

And of course, don't be afraid to check Craigslist and thrift stores or see if someone has a dress you can borrow. Might as well let those elegant gowns be shown off more than once, right? (Plus, less money spent on a dress means more money to spend at Ben & Jerry's.)

Where's your favorite place to find modest formals?

Happy Shopping!

*Note: This post was not sponsored, nor am I being compensated for affiliate links of any sort. I'm just a girl who enjoys online window shopping and helping out her fellow sisters. :)


  1. What a fun post! This is the first time since graduation that I've wanted to go back to high school. (Well, okay. I just want a prom dress.) Thanks for the research - I'll be sure to pass it on to anyone I hear is looking for a modest formal!

  2. LOVE all these choices! SO good to know- definitely pinning this post for reference. Thanks!

  3. Beautiful dresses! I'm not to the formal part of school dances with my girls just yet but it's nice to know there are so many options.

    1. I was pleasantly surprised by how many options are available, too! Thanks for reading, Heaven! <3

  4. Those are so cute! I wish more of these dresses had been available way back when I went to prom. My Mom had to sew sleeves onto two of my prom dresses.

    1. I know, right? I'm so grateful there are so many options now. Sewing sleeves is a great idea! Thanks for reading! <3


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