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25 Ideas for Divine Nature Personal Progress Value Projects

You've finished your Personal Progress* value experiences for Divine Nature. Now what? These 25 project ideas should get your creative juices flowing. 

1. Learn home improvement skills by remodeling a room in your house, building a piece of furniture, or revamping a thrift store find. 

2. Develop the divine trait of compassion by organizing a service project, volunteering in your community, or making a special effort to serve someone with whom you associate. (Some of my favorite projects have been doing recitals at local nursing homes, sewing for Days for Girls, and helping at a local science museum. See #6, 10, 14, 15, 18, 19, and 21 for more service ideas.)

3. Research or interview women who inspire you. Compile a scrapbook, video, or infographic about their divinely inherited gifts and strengths.

4. Cultivate a new talent that will benefit your future self and family such as car maintenance, sewing, couponing, knitting, interior decorating, pottery, photography, etc.

5. “As man now is, God once was; as God is now man may be.” - Lorenzo Snow 
Explore your divine heritag by learning more about the creation. Visit a local science museum, planetarium, zoo, or similar exhibit. Watch this Mormon Message and study Moses 6:63, Alma 30:44, Abraham 3:22-26, and the Education chapter of For the Strength of Youth. Record your feelings about God and your potential to become like Him by writing in your journal or by creating an art piece, song, poem, or other form of expression.

6. The Savior was the master teacher. Become more like Him by developing your teaching skills through tutoring at a local school, helping in Primary, assisting siblings/neighbors with homework, preparing and presenting a Sunday School lesson, or demonstrating how to do one of your favorite hobbies at mutual or in a YouTube video.

7.  Learn how to decorate cakes (Yum!) by taking a class, interning with a baker, or following online tutorials. Consider donating baked goods to nursing or Veteran's homes for residents' birthdays or providing refreshments for an upcoming youth activity.

8. Become pen or email pals with a grandmother, aunt, or elderly sister in your ward. (Grandmas love letters!) :) Learn about her life's experiences and ask her how she developed her divine traits. Save your letters and assemble them in a binder or scrapbook.

9. Study The Family: A Proclamation to the World and incorporate it into an artwork to hang in your home. (I love the examples here, here, here, and here.)

10. Develop kindness (and patience haha) by babysitting for someone in need.

11. Memorize your Patriarchal blessing. (This idea is from Bella Online, here but I loved it so much I had to share it.)

12. Help others remember their divine qualities by heart attacking their car/locker/home (see this post for more info), writing notes, or sending kind emails and Facebook messages (see this New Era article).

13. Gather old family recipes and preserve them by scanning, photographing, or typing them. Post them on a family blog, Facebook group, or print copies. (A family cookbook would be an awesome Christmas present!)

14. Choose an inactive young woman in your ward and make a special effort to reach out to her. Invite her to activities (both extracurricular and church related), text or write notes to her, and find ways to serve her. Record your experiences in your journal.

15. For two weeks, work extra hard to help out in your home. Look for tasks that need done and complete them without being asked. (Ideas include cooking a surprise dinner, doing a family member's chores for them, cleaning the family bathroom, making your siblings' beds, etc.)

16. Read the Christlike Attributes section of Preach My Gospel. Complete the Attribute Activity at the end of the chapter. Prayerfully choose one attribute you would like to develop more fully. Use the scriptures and General Conference talks suggested in the manual as well as other gospel resources to learn more about the character trait. Share what you have learned in a devotional, Sunday School, or FHE lesson. Then, apply what you have learned to your life by making specific goals and keeping them for two weeks.

17. Revamp your closet and hone a new skill by learning how to alter clothes. (I love the ideas here and here!)

18. Practice cooperation and responsibility by planning and executing Young Women in Excellence, New Beginnings, a joint mutual activity, or a birthday party for a child in need.

19. Develop charity by organizing a book drive. Record yourself (and other volunteers, if you wish) reading the stories. Download the recordings and donate the books and mp3s to a local children's hospital.

20.  Mentor a sibling or friend in a skill you excel at. (Great at basketball? Help the neighbor girl get ready for tryouts. Like to play the piano? Give free lessons to the neighbor kids. Got a knack for the computer? Volunteer to help a grandparent master emailing. etc.)

21. The Savior spent much of His time comforting the sick and afflicted. Follow His example by volunteering at your local hospital or retirement home. (From visiting patients to delivering popsicles and reading storybooks, a wide variety of positions are usually open.)

22. Read Happiness, Your Heritage by Dieter F. Uchtdorf (Oct. 2008 General Conference), paying particular attention to the section on creating. Learn a new talent (watercoloring, ceramics, stand-up comedy, jewelry making, poetry, etc.) and create something that reflects your divine nature.

23. Learn about how divine traits reflect true beauty by reading this General Conference talk. Study the articles on (a fabulous website written by two LDS girls with PhD's in communications dedicated to helping women free themselves from the pressures of the media). Start a real beauty campaign in your area (the sticky notes here might help). Make a special effort to see yourself as God sees you and commit to refraining from negative self talk for two weeks. Record your experiences in your journal.

24. Follow the guidance in Colossians 3:16 and learn how to use hymns to become closer to Christ. Volunteer to lead the music in Sacrament meeting, Seminary, or Young Womens, conduct a special choir number, play the piano or organ during meetings, practice and perform a special musical number, or compose and record your own piece of music.

25. Practice being a peacemaker by overcoming the habit of complaining. Read O Remember, Remember by Henry B. Eyring (October 2007). Design a special journal and develop the habit of recording your tender mercies each day like President Eyring does for one month.

What ideas do you have for Divine Nature?
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* Personal Progress is part of the youth program of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It is similar to an Eagle Scout award but is aimed at strengthening the faith of Young Women. Participants complete a series of value experiences and one ten-hour project for each of eight values (Faith, Divine Nature, Individual Worth, Knowledge, Choice & Accountability, Good Works, and Virtue). For more information, please visit

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