Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Awkward & Awesome

There's something weird about reaching your last summer at home. Of course, I know I'll be coming back after college, but it's crazy to think that these are my last few weeks of actual childhood before I have to go out and brace the cold, hard, world of making my own doctor's appointments and cooking my own food. (Thank heavens for Macaroni & Cheese!) In an attempt to savor every last memory from this summer, here are some awkward and awesome happenings from the last few weeks that I want to make sure I remember. (Well, I could do without remembering the awkward ones, but I'll go ahead and throw them in just in case they're as entertaining 5 years from now as my old middle school journals are to me today.) 

Donning your fabulous new shorts, only to discover that you forgot to shave part of your knee cap. #pokyhairdon'tcare #butihavetocarebecauseititches

Getting called sir instead of ma'am. (Maybe my yoga pants and messy bun weren't as fashionable as I originally thought?)

Ordering a chicken sandwich at a nice restaurant and then realizing that the menu was referring to a dainty "chicken salad on a bun" concoction rather than the fried, crispy goodness that McDonald's has taught you to love and cherish. Thanks, Mom, for switching plates with your mayonnaise-hating child. Your hot dog was delicious.

Being super excited that your cat finally wants to cuddle with you and then realizing that she's only trying to remind you that it's time to feed her. 

Throwing up in public. (Need I say more?) 

Having to pay $7.00 for a tiny bottle of pancake syrup because the only store open is outrageously priced and girl has gotta have her pancakes.

Eating said pancakes.

The way the light hits the succulents on our kitchen sink each afternoon. (See photo above because swoon-worthy plants like this must be documented, am I right?)

Hearing 24 little voices cheer when you walk into the classroom where you volunteer. I'm sure going to miss those happy smiles, hugs, and high fives.

Getting to the point in my photography career that I'm booking regular clients. #bestjobever

Learning how to use a serger. I usually hate all things sewing, but I've been helping with Days for Girls lately and I'm totally hooked. I'll write a full post about it soon, but basically it's an organization that provides sustainable hygiene kits to girls in impoverished nations so they can still attend school during menstruation. There's something special about hearing that serger roar and knowing that I'm doing something to help a fellow sister be able to get an education.

Being outdoors (even thought mosquitos live there). I swear there is nothing more relaxing than a good book, a cool breeze, and a lawn chair.

Going on a surprise bike ride with your long lost BFF who went to college last year. (And not crashing your bicycle even once, I might add.) #newrecord

Watching Star Trek until midnight because school is out and the final frontier waits for no one.

And last, but most definitely not least, reading amazing comments and emails from my fabulous readers! Thank you all for letting me share my little sprinkles-laden corner of the universe with you. <3

Be it ever so simple, there's a glimpse at what's happening in my life right now. What's been Awkward and Awesome in your neck of the woods?
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  1. I love how much you are volunteering and helping out this summer! I really want to be better about spending more time serving and you are such an awesome example of that! That succulent picture is gorgeous and I have to agree that watching movies until midnight is a huge plus of summer. I've been on an Avenger kick lately.... I also think a good book outside in the summer time is amazing and it's one of my favorite ways to spend my Sunday afternoons. If you add the scriptures to the mix it's hard to beat that:)
    Glad you're summers being filled with so much awesome! (And I'm sorry about the awkward, but I love that you record it! Awkward happens to us all, right? Please say yes because I have quite a bit of it in my life. Haha:)
    Have an amazing day filled with more awesome things!

    1. Thanks, Shelby! Serving, reading, and scripture time are the best, right? Oh, and the Avengers are great too!

      And haha don't worry! Awkward happens to all of us. :P I hope you have an amazing day full of awesomeness as well!


  2. Okay, a few things. #1 ... your blog gives me life. It is amazing. You are amazing. The content is amazing. #2 ... the blog design, holy cow! Crazy goals. It is beautiful, it truly looks fabulous. I'm very happy I found this blog :)


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